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December 8th, 2022

By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted this Disclaimer in addition to s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Ommniverse is intended to increase participant access to collectible, provable ownership of digital goods built on innovative technologies and expand their respective collector communities. Ommniverse does not support or condone the creation, buying, or selling of ommniverse NFTs as a means of investment.

The Ommniverse provides a gateway and interfaces to interact with the Ommniverse protocol, which is a smart contract decentrally hosted and deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, accessible to anyone with access to the Ethereum blockchain.

Ommniverse does not operate any marketplace or exchange for the purchase or sale of ommniverse NFTs. All purchases and sales of Ommniverses are consummated on third-party applications, which Ommniverse does not operate, own, or control. Additionally, Ommniverse does not provide or control liquidity for any ommniverse NFTs. Please exercise caution when purchasing ommniverse NFTs as liquidity may be low.

As a user of Ommniverse, you are responsible for your transaction decisions when you create, mint, buy, sell, or transfer any NFTs or ommniverse NFTs which represent NFTs. Ommniverse does not centrally store, host, custody, or manage NFTs, NFT metadata, liquidity pools (LPs), automated market makers (AMMs), or trading markets for ommniverse NFTs.

Similarly, Ommniverse does not collect any transaction fees, and does not buy, sell, mint, own, issue, transfer, aggregate, or distribute NFTs or ommniverse NFTs of NFTs. All Ommniverseization activity and Ommniverse transactions are performed via smart contracts and directly between NFT owners interacting with the protocol and third-party APIs built into the site which connects to existing third-party intermediary platforms (e.g., OpenSea, Uniswap).

User Responsibility

Please consult and work directly with tax, legal, and financial professionals before making any decisions related to the purchase, sale, minting, owning, issuance, transfer, buyout, or distribution of an NFT or ommniverse NFTs of an NFT.

The Ommniverse Company, its officers, directors, employees, consultants, advisors, stockholders, and community representatives are not registered, financial advisors. All opinions and information shared on Twitter, Discord, blog posts, or through other public channels are those of the respective individuals alone. Nothing discussed by employees of Ommniverse should be relied upon as financial, investment, tax or legal advice.

Additionally, Ommniverse does not control, govern, or maintain responsibility for:

Who can buy Ommniverse NFTs
Which NFTs can be in Ommniverse
The total supply of ommniverse NFTs minted
The reserve price, fraction supply, or token name associated with new and existing vaults

The intermediary platforms, or networks, through which ommniverse NFTs can be transferred, purchased, or sold

The intermediary platforms and methods vault creators utilize to distribute and manage their ommniverse NFTs

The methods and messages by which vault creators may choose to market their vaults and distribute ommniverse NFTs (e.g., giveaways, ads, media, descriptions) The methods and manner in which fraction owners transfer or manage their ommniverse NFTs

The outcomes resulting from any of the activities and decisions listed above By buying and owning ommniverse NFTs, you acknowledge and accept that:

The Ommniverseized digital goods may fluctuate in value in unpredictable ways Fraction supplies may have an annual supply inflation (i.e. curator fee) distributed to the curator, which is a depreciating mechanism on the value of the ommniverse NFTs. Owners of ommniverse NFTs are not guaranteed, nor should expect, any net value appreciation of the underlying NFT collectible or ommniverse NFTs or any protections against loss in value

Triggering an auction is the mechanism to re-unify the NFT(s) for someone to acquire an entire vault, and this cannot be halted or stopped once it is triggered Fraction holders are responsible for helping to set the reserve price at which a buyout may be initiated and absent such participation, a vault may proceed to auction at a price that is less than an Ommniverse holder desires Past price and purchasing activity trends are not indicative of future trends and are not a proxy for the historical or projected future value of any specific NFT or Ommniverse ownership tokens Ownership of Ommniverses