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Fractional ownership of the most coveted NFTs. This innovative approach allows for reduced costs of entry, increased accessibility, and the fostering of new communities.
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Modern Monkey

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Beauty with Ladybug

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Created by Ommniverse

Join the ranks of collective ownership of iconic and historic NFTs


As a partial owner of collectible NFTs, you can decide what to do with your fractions


Have the freedom to decide how you would like to utilize your ownership. Options may include adding the NFT to a digital gallery for others to view or delivering it to a contest winner. The choice is yours.


Select from a range of iconic digital art collections, each comprising one or more NFTs. "Own a piece of history and add to your collection today".


Offer your fractional owners unique and creative distribution events, as well as novel community experiences post-purchase.


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Explore an extensive selection of impressive art collections in the world's largest NFT marketplace.


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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that are stored on a digital ledger known as a blockchain. They can be used to authenticate the uniqueness of digital items such as photos, videos, audio files, and more.


Why do you need to buy NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain. There are several reasons why someone might choose to purchase an NFT, including to own a unique digital asset, to support the creator, as an investment, and for the experience of owning a unique digital asset and being a part of the NFT community.


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Frequently asked questions

Ommniverse is an NFT marketplace focusing on greater accessibility, improved liquidity, diversification and lower gas fees but its advantage lies in fractional NFTs to increase the number of buyers and enhance selling opportunities worldwide.
Fractional NFTs enable users to divide an NFT into multiple fractions, reducing the barrier to entry for investing in real-world assets.These NFTs differ from regular NFTs in that they employ smart contracts to fractionalize the token into a number of parts predetermined by the owner or issuing organization, who then set the minimum price. Fractional NFTs spread the cost of asset ownership over a wide range of users, making it possible for a group of investors to own a piece of a larger asset.
NFTs that are fractional are unquestionably a solid investment. They assist in unlocking liquidity for NFTs while also promoting inclusiveness and involvement in the thriving NFT ecosystem. They contribute to expanding new prospects in the NFT market by adding liquidity, price discovery, and democratization to the market.
Currently, ETH, BIT and USDT are supported. Please note that each NFT on Ommniverse will be priced with $Ommi token.
Currently, it supports the Polygon blockchain.
NFTs minted are owned by their respective creators. Owners of the NFT can resell in the marketplace and original creator will earn a royalty fee on all secondary sales.
Please head to the Ommniverse NFT Marketplace and click Buy Now on the NFT you desire to purchase. Then, click Pay Now. Once the payment is completed, your NFT has been successfully purchased.
Please head to your profile page, click List Now on the NFT you want to sell, and then enter the NFT Listing page. Next, please follow the steps below to list your NFT: 1. Choose the pricing token, 2. Enter the quantity, 3. Select the delisting time, 4. Click Submit
An Nft collection is simply a collection of related NFTs, much like how you’d group related files in a specific folder , we also provide a base collection- The Ommniverse collection.
You can put your NFT up for auction. The seller can decide the listing price , the end of the auction and the minimum increment % between each bid, everyone is allowed to bid.
You can cancel your listing at any time before a successful transaction.
Ommniverse supports ERC-721 token NFTs and ERC 1155 token NFTs.
Please come to our Discord channel to make suggestions, we will carefully consider all feedbacks.

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